cystic acne 😩 tips plzzzzz

I breakout real bad, I swear when I'm sitting I can feel my cheeks producing oil! This results in very large cystic acne bumps on my face, usually get at least 4 of them at a time along with other small pimples. Problem areas usually include cheeks and around the mouth for the cystic acne.
My current face routine includes Dr. Woods English rose bar soap to wash, with either Aveeno lotion or rose hip oil as a moisturizer. Occasional spot treatment with neutrogena rapid clear.
I'm looking for suggestions as to what worked for other people with similar problems! LOOKING FOR REMEDIES THAT ARE AS NATURAL AS POSSIBLE PLEASE FACEWASHES WITH HARSH CHEMICALS DESTROY MY SKIN :(
PS I'm not on birth control and don't plan to be 😬