Hungery or Stomach Pains?

Katy • 🌺Lily 👧🏼July 2017 | 🦕Ashton 👶🏼 August 2020
So far through this pregnancy, I've had a relatively easy time! No morning sickness and no fatigue! 9 weeks and 2 days tonight. Symptoms I have had are, sensitive nipples, painful boobs that started today actually, cramps, ligament pain, constipation, extreme thirst, food cravings, food aversions(chicken), but there is 1 symptom I hate the most(besides burning nipples).. and that this fight between if I'm hungry or my stomach just hurts. 
All day everyday, my stomach will start to hurt and STARVE for food, so I eat. An hour later it'll hurt again, and I have to decide if this is hunger or just an upset stomach. If it's hunger I need to eat immediately before it gets worse, or if it's not hunger, and I do decide to eat, I will become very nauseous and regret all my decisions. This is the battle I have 10 times a day every single day hahahahha. Playing roulette with my stomach.., to eat and maybe get nauseous, or not eat, and have the pain get worse... 😂😂😂 lord have mercy on me.