So my baby girl is 3 weeks and will be a month on the 22nd. I was doing the whole "Always put baby on back to sleep" then my mother suggested maybe 2 weeks ago to try laying her on her stomach to sleep during the day. Well I was a little skeptical, but realized if it were only during the day I could keep an eye on her. Only to mess my routine up because then during the night she wouldn't sleep long on her back matter of fact the moment I would lay her down she would wake in less than five minutes 😏😒 She'll sleep on my chest very comfortably and then I lay her down and you would think she never was sleep how quick she opens her eyes. Anywho here I am up and haven't been to sleep at all. Any suggestions on how I could program my baby back to just sleeping on her back?? I've tried swaddling and lets just say she's not a fan of it. 😏