I'm pregnant!

So I was up all night last night itching myself! That's never happened before and I read it can happen around week 5/6. I have no proof I am pregnant yet. But I am just going to affirm with he universe that I am indeed pregnant!! The slew of symptoms im having are to unusual to ignore and each day more are appearing. My mother in law had a dream I was two nights ago and asked me yesterday even tho I already told her I got my period. ( she's pretty physic. ) ( she had a dream her father died at work, and the next day, he did. ) she has physic vibes. 3rd eye. Anyway- It wasn't much of a period and I have a gut feeling I can not ignore any longer. I am testing Thursday for the last time and I firmly believe I am going to see two pink lines & get the Christmas miracle I've been waiting for!!!! 
Any doubters - come back Thursday! Because, WORLD, I AM PREGNANT🙏🏻🎄😍