I need help not judgement

Ladies I need help šŸ˜¢ lately with things in my relationship coming to a head of things my boyfriend did stupidly in the past I've been having issues with insecurity! Finding out he went to a strip club and was watching a lot of porn while I was at work I'm just upset and I've talked to him and he's expressed he will no longer Do those things and feels really bad and girls... it's been a year and he's not gone near anything.. yet when I hear about movies he likes and tv shows he's watched like shameless and American pie I go nuts and get completely turned off.. I know it's because I'm still really insecure from feeling as though I got cheated on but I just want to let it go.. I used to never care if we watched movies or shows with naked girls and now I'm getting upset over shit he watched in the last?! It's so dumb and I just need some guidance on how to maybe feel more secure with myself.. I know this sounds so bad and I talk to my therapist I just would like to know how y'all deal with mistrust and when your forgive how to forget.. thanks ladies!Ā