7 weeks 2 days

Our little blueberry is due on the 7th August 2017.
I can not express how fearful I am about this pregnancy. First time being pregnant and I'm not sure what to make of any of the symptoms. I keep getting heavy cramps but everyone including the doc just said that it's my stomach growing to make room for baby. But every pain I get I go into panic attack thinking I'm having a miscarriage. 
Im a very anxious person so knowing I have a human life growing inside me that's depending on me for it to be as healthy as possible is a little stressful. I might not be the only one who stresses this much though. 
To get me through I look at the US picture I have on my phone. Just seeing bub when it was the size of a grain of rice in comparison to it now being the size of a blueberry is really comforting. It's growing, thanks to me :) and I couldn't be more proud.