'You haven't been trying for that long'


What is wrong with people?! In the last 10 months so many people turn around and say this. Any smart comebacks that you've used or heard? My current teary reply is that 10 months is two away from being diagnosed with infertility in the UK. If anyone actually has a sensible explanation on how 10 months is a small amount of time to be ttc please do try me! I feel like my heart has been ripped out every month. Is it likely that this is even going to happen if it hasn't for 10 months?


I understand that some women have been trying for longer than me but the NHS (national health service in the UK) diagnoses couples with infertility after a year of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. I've posted a screenshot of this in the comments.

Also feeling like some people are belittling how this feels at 10 months. I can't imagine that anyone who has experienced this has actually been okay with it at this point. Plus which, how do you know what feels like a long time to someone you've never met?

SPOILER ALERT: I just posted about feeling like my heart has been ripped out. Please don't make me feel worse about that by trying to make me feel idiotic/like I'm overreacting.