Uncircumcised Men


Is it okay for men not to be circumcised?

In our culture here in the Philippines boys aged 10 and above are obliged to have circumcision. During summer, which is the season of school vacation, parents bring their boys on health centers or even schools that offer free circumcision to cut their skins off. Old traditional way of circumcision is called "pukpok" where the boy chew some guava leaves while his penis is being "pukpok" which means hit by hammering.

Boys that are not circumcised are being teased by their peers because it is said here that "you are not a real men when you are not circumcised.". And they say it's healthy when a men is circumcised.

So here in our country all grown up men and even gays are circumcised. It's a big deal for women if their partners aren't one.

Let me hear y'all opinions.