Help. what do I do ?

Ayanna • Mother of a beautiful baby girl . Logan Suriyah Bates 💕 03•01•2019
So I went to my GYN because my periods are irregular like CRAZY. They ran test and said I have PCOS (  Polycystic ovary syndrome ) and it comes with risk such as difficulty getting pregnant , and I produce a little bit more man hormones then I should ( hairs on my chin )  I am close with my family and my aunt is a church lady. Her relationship with god is like solid. Back in October I was taking birth control but I stopped because I hated the spotting every day. My aunt randomly came out one day and said "Are you on birth control" I said no she said good don't go back on it. I was a bit confused but I said okay. A few days later me her and my mom were all in the room and reading up on PCOS. My aunt said she knew god told her for a reason to see if I'm on birth control or not. Because we don't know what may happen with me wanting a child. I am in a relationship and I told my boyfriend this yesterday and he seemed scared for me but also confused . My aunt said personally she feels like if I have a baby now she will support me 100% because you never know what may happen in the future. She isn't telling me plan a baby but if it happens it happens . I spoke to my bf about it and we are in college still but we thought about it for a while even before the news but we just weren't ready. But now that we know I have PCOS ; we wanna try in probably a year here's the catch . I'm 18 . What do I do because I don't wanna regret it in the future and can't have a baby lol idk . They also said if I see people around me having a baby I will feel miserable & depressed and it's crazy because my boyfriends sister is pregnant ( 19 ) & I told him I'm jealous because she is having a baby ... but idk if that was the sex talking lol ( yes we have protected sex ) I honestly don't know what to do . Any suggestions ??