Should I change doctors?


So I am 17 weeks 2 days. This is my first pregnancy and I am very excited; however, confused as to if I should change doctors....

Why I am questioning it:

1. Around 7 weeks pregnant, I had a good amount of bleeding on a Sunday so I went to my doctor the following Monday for an ultrasound and the baby was found and everything appeared to be fine. She did some blood work and then asked me to repeat the bloodwork within 48 hours. This was to check my hormone levels and to make sure they we rising. They then called me a few days later and told me they were 99% sure I was going to miscarry due to the fact that my hormones we droping instead of rising. Here I am at 17 weeks, and every test has been normal thus far and the baby is doing fine.

2. I have been having problems with BV (Bateria Vaginosis) and have had problems with it in the past. I have been using the gel, but called my Dr to see if I could take the oral meds, as they seemed to work better last time. My doctor's right hand nurse called me and told me she had called in my prescription but for me to make sure I did not drink with it, as it would me me really sick. I was like, ummmm are u crazy, I would not drink while pregnant. And she freaked out because she had not even check my chart before calling in the meds. Had I not told her, assuming she had done her job, who knows what would have happened, as I am still not sure if those meds are safe while pregnant. She begged me to not pick the meds up until I see the dr through following day.

3. So I go to the Dr the following day. Another nurse of my doctor had trouble finding my baby's heartbeat due to it moving around, and proceeded to tell me I had a difficult baby. Once she found it, she said I would see my Dr and then be ready to go. She didn't not even read my chart to know I was also there to have an examination done so I could get meds for BV. Once I told her that, she then proceeded to read my chart and was like, "oh, well you can get undressed then."

Sorry for the long story but I don't really want to change doctors at this point and I have already paid them almost all of my upfront delivery cost (which I don't even know if I can get back). What would yall do?