Hubby always ruins fun

I thought i was the only person who noticed this and have tried to ignore but my family have also noticed because it's become difficult not to notice.
I find it awkward and embarrassing that he is not sociable. My 20 year old nephew came to stay with us and we had a great evening then my husband got up and turned the light off and said we should all go to sleep! I found this rude and embarrassing.
He will try to put people down or say to guests after we've eaten 'Did you enjoy that? You now owe us $15' I don't find this funny at all and find it rather embarrassing. I don't like to have people over anymore 
He is an only child and from a different background to me as he keeps saying it's funny!? 
Often when we are joking around and having fun he will do something to irritate me and kill the mood. I buy most of the groceries yet if he buys cookies once in a blue moon he will count them constantly and ask how many I've had etc grrr what's wrong with him?? How pathetic is this? 
There are many examples. My brothers don't feel comfortable around him and nor do my nieces/nephews who don't find his strange humour funny and are actually scared like he is telling them off.