How is waiting for sex important to men in a committed relationship.

Irene 💝
I need your ideas and especially to my fellow waiters on sex especially till marriage ⚭. I love my boyfriend to death. He loves me and is so dear to me. I am a 23 year old virgin and I am waiting on sex till marriage been like that even before we met. I know deep down he is the one..we have made plans for the present and future and even marriage which is after a year since I am in my last school year. We have dated a year now. So I am not going to do anything no matter what till marriage this is both a personal and a religious choice. But what I need is how to show him how important it is for him too even if we are going to be together. He thinks I do it because not sure of him but I don't know how else to make him understand. I just need reasons as to how can waiting on sex be important for men too.