He told his friends and family I might be pregnant...

We are both 21 and have been dating for a little over 6 months. I'm on birth control and we stopped using condoms.

He hasn't been the nicest to me at all. I wasn't a virgin but he was and the first couple of times having intercourse, I bled. He told his good lady friend about it, which crossed line one. He told her about my vagina bleeding and the sex and everything.

Then my he was majorly flirting with this girl at his birthday party. So I talked to him that night and told him that's not okay. He got pissed off at me for telling him and told his brother and friends about what I said.

Then, on Friday I broke up with him. I couldn't take it anymore. I have been trying to hard to make things work, but he just wasn't doing anything about it. So I broke up with him and let him know that my period was late.

This is where he crossed another line and made me glad I broke up with his sorry ass. He showed his friends, brother, and parents the texts of me telling him that my period was late, that my birth control usually doesn't do this, and that I'll take a test next week.

He couldn't keep anything a secret and now this?

I just feel like crying. This is a svary moment for me and he just talks about it like it's nothing.


What do you think?