should I see a doctor or wait it out?

I've been having weird symptoms lately and I'm not sure exactly what of but I think it has to do with my hormones because I've been breaking out like crazy and experiencing some weird symptoms in my lady bits ... like swelling of my vaginal walls and increased cysts! I had a Pap smear and it came back clean of all stds (yes that's what I was tested for) and clear of other infections ... this has been going on for nearly a month . The swelling is pretty minimal if not completely gone now and doesn't cause any discomfort anymore ... only sometimes during sex .  but my skin is still going nuts on me and breaking out and I never usually get pimples . I'm also just excessively tired and emotional and having lots of clear liquidy discharge that has no smell and doesn't itch  lately but I'm not pregnant so I'm positive it just has to do with my hormones.  Seeing as how I feel like things are going back to normal with my downstairs should
I wait to see If the rest goes back to normal ? Or should I go to the doctors and get my hormone levels checked right away ? If I choose to wait how long should I wait for ?