Opinion please!?

Okay, so I was supposed to hang out with my boyfriend today at 3:30/4, and he's a fireman, so then he got a call, and then he text me that he had a call and he'll text me when it's over. At 4:45 he said I'm leaving now, meet me at my house? So I drive over and he then got home at 5:15. This may be a TMI, but, we started fooling around a little bit after a little while, then we made food, and watched a movie. Throughout this, his best friend text him and asked if they could hang out, and he said he's with his girlfriend he'll text him later, then at like 7:45 he was like hey, and I was like hey? And he said is I'm okay if I hang out with __ for a little while at 8? And I was like yeah I guess 
Am I being petty and getting mad for nothing or would you guys get mad too? I feel like I'm being petty cause I saw him almost every day since last Thursday, the 23rd, the only day I didn't see him was Tuesday.. but once school starts back up, I'll see him once a week..
But he hadn't seen his friend in almost two weeks.. 
Please tell me honestly what you guys think.