Don't know what to do

Hello, so I've been with my bf for almost a year and I've been slowly losing interest in him. I've been thinking a lot about breaking up with him and whenever I do that I start feeling bad because he's such a nice guy and I know he doesn't deserve another heart break. He's a very clingy/emotional/sensitive guy and I haaaaaate it. He complains about me not texting back and that we never hang out. (I like being alone most of the time so I never like going out). I get it tho, guys have feelings too but I honestly feel like I'm the guy in the relationship. He also reminds me a lot about my ex. I have more cons than pros. Weve done 'it' a couple times and both times were awkward because he's an awkward/shy guy. After the second time we did it, I decided not to do it anymore because of his awkwardness. Am I a bad person? I honestly have no idea what to do. I've talked to him about it and nothing has changed.