postpartum depression?

Those of you who have had/currently have postpartum depression, could you describe to me how you felt? My LO is 3 months and if I had these symptoms beforehand I didn't realize... lately I've taken note that my eating and sleeping habits are horrible; I barely do either. I do not have thoughts of suicide or harming my baby I love her more than anything, but I have thought "what if I just left, what would happen." 
For the past few weeks I want to say it has really hit me. I just feel so depressed, empty. There isn't a correct word for how I feel. I feel like I'm broken and can't be fixed. I just want to isolate myself and cry. If this isn't PPD, what could it be? I have had a dramatic life change...getting a divorce, moved twice in last 2 months.. thanks in advance ladies.