I. need. sleep.

My baby hasn't ever been a napper. She is 4 months old and only takes a nap for 15 minutes around noon. If she dozes off any other time it's only while someone is holding her while walking around. Sitting down with her is never an option. She is bottle fed during the day and nurses during the night (This way I can ease my body into producing less so I can eventually go back to work). She has a 4oz bottle before bed (any more than that and she turns into the exorcist baby. Projectile style) and only sleeps about 2 hours by herself until she wakes up and then refuses to sleep anywhere but in my bed beside me with her head in the bend of my elbow. This position makes it so easy to nurse during the night but she wakes up about 5 times during the night to nurse. I still make about 3 oz per breast where I was able to pump 6oz out per breast when I was on 24/7 boob duty. How do I get her to not need to eat so much during the night and eventually sleep all the way through? I've tried not holding her so much during the day so she is used to not being held all the time but she cries, wails, and literally freaks out after about 10-15 minutes without physical contact from me. My mom said to try rice cereal to fill her up before sleeping like she had to do with me from the time i was 6 weeks old. I asked my dr if I should and she said go ahead. I tried introducing rice cereal in her bottle and she spit up for an hour. I tried rice cereal mixed with distilled water, a scoop of formula. She acted like I was poisoning her. I tried the same thing again and added a scoop of baby bananas. She had a couple spoonfuls and then threw it up all over herself. I just want us both to sleep better bc i have so much to do and 2 other kids to take care of. 3 if you include my husband. 4 if you include the cat. I am open to any suggestions you have to getting my baby to sleep longer! Mama is exhausted.