Labor story


I have been waiting my whole pregnancy to be able to write this story!!! So where do I start!! 33 weeks I started dilating and having contractions and of course they stopped them I was only 1cm!! Since that started happening about once a week I was having contractions and the Doctors were like that's normal and more then likely will happen the rest of the way!! I go to the Dr for my 36 week appointment and I told them I was bleeding a Little bit and having really bad cramps so they hooked me up to the contractions machine for about an hour then checked me and I was 2cm to 3cm so they sent me to the hospital and I had to stay the night just in case (which sucked). Still no baby so we came home!! And I was put on bed rest so the wait game started everyone was convinced that the baby wasn't going to make it through the weekend let alone to January.

FAST forward to December 15th I was so uncomfortable and ready for this baby to come out we went to this back yard party my friend was having and everyone is like just have sex and the baby will come! My husband was so against it bcuz of the last Dr's visit the dr checked me and was like wow I can feel the babies head he's really really low! So he's like if this Dr can stick his stubby little hands and feel it what do you think my penis is gonna do lol

So the next morning we had sex and hes like now where is my baby lol i'm like it doesn't happen that fast lol and we wake up sunday and try it again, I was like if it doesn't work this time I'll just keep waiting. Later that day we went to a friend's house for dinner and I was playing with her son nothing to strenuous and my stomach started hurting a little bit nothing to serious. But I always tell my husband when I'm feeling bad or having contractions and he always over reacts and wants to go to the hospital so I didn't say anything yet just to see what happened. So we're watching Sunday night football and I start having really strong contractions so I told my husband to time them. Because the hospital said if my water breaks, if my contractions are 2 to 3 minutes apart, if I have more then 6 in an hour for 2 hours or if my pain is to bad come back to the hospital. So I had like 8 in a hour and they were pretty strong contractions nothing like the many times before. So he's like I'm grabbing the bag and we're going and I'm like no its not time yet I'm just gonna lay down. So now it's like 2am and I'm hurting pretty bad the contractions woke me up out of my sleep I told my husband that we might have to go to the hospital but I'll let him know. I didn't want him to be up all night in the hospital just for another false alarm and then go to work super tired so I waited tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't happening so he woke up at 6am for work and I'm like I have to go to the hospital I'm hurting pretty bad. And he's all in freak out mode that at some point he forgot that I said I needed to go to the hospital while he sat on the toilet watching music videos!

We get to the hospital around 7am get a room about 8am (our hospital sucks it's slow and under staffed) so the nurse comes in to check me and she said I was 3cm and she wanted me to walk around for an hour but she's pretty sure we were going to have a baby that day and me and my husband started freaking out for real now lol. We didn't even bring the hospital bag this time bcuz we just knew they were gonna send us home again. So after I got done walking she's like we're gonna move you into another room and he's gonna come in and break your water and we're gonna have a baby today. So around 10am the Dr comes in and breaks my water (the strangest thing I have ever had happen to me) it was pretty gross from here on out!!! Soon after that around 11am I got my epidural the nurse said I went from 4cm to 7cm in 30mintues around 12:30pm she asked if I was ready to push because I went from 7cm to 10cm within another 30 minutes!!! Now I thought this epidural was supposed to work miracles I wasn't in pain but I felt ALL of what was going on but my legs were completely numb. The pushing part was by far the worse pain I have ever had. I got all the pain in my butt so after pushing and pushing!!! I simply didn't have it anymore the Dr asked if I wanted him to use the vacuum and I said anything to get this baby out and that was around 1:50pm he told me to push and not to stop pushing until the baby was out and I agreed!! So at 1:53pm I literally felt the Dr pulling my baby out of me and my baby leaving my body the strangest feeling I have every felt!! And I ended up tearing after all of that but well worth it!!

I would like to welcome Baby Andrew Nathan K. 7lbs 8oz, 20in born 12/19/16 at 1:53pm 37 weeks and 6days!!!

My January 3rd baby turned into a December baby!! And I've never been more in love!!!