a kink sexually

Okay so I have a  kink it's a daddy little kink and age play I identify as in my mind 4 and I'm real life I'm 14 and I don't have a bf but I'm nervous that if I get one he won't feel the same way
I need advice on this does anyone else have a weird  kink 
I use coloring stuffies(stuffed animals) but only in private I want a dom sub realtionship 
I need some advice on this please comment 
(I'm 14)
Hello everyone who has commented 
Thank you (some of you) for the support I really appreciate it 
I was introduced to this kink when I was 10 I walked into my sisters room (she was 16) and I saw stuffed animals and a bunch of baby stuff in her room so I asked her why she had baby stuff she explained that she liked acting littler than she is and I was interested (as any 10yr old would be) over the years she has helped me and explained the whole kink to me. I'm more of this as a private thing (doesn't mean bedroom) I like coloring and stuffed animals (all in private) yess I'm 14 my sister was the same age. She lost he virginity at 18 after she met her now "daddy" they have been together and developed this kink together for now 6 years they are now married and it made me so happy. She has helped me a lot but she just moved all the way to France because she's a hockey wife so it's been hard because she can't talk all the time. So I came on here for support. I'm turning 15 in 3 days and I really appreciate everyone commenting. No I don't wear combat boots and knee socks with chokers and no i don't act like an outcast. This was a very private thing I shared and got
More positive comments than I expected thank you everyone and I will keep you posted on my journey