what should I do

So me and boyfriend have had problems with his drinking our whole relationship, but tonight was the absolute worse. He got super drunk and lied to me multiple times. He told me he didn't smoke weed even though I could clearly smell it on him. And then I heard a car starting outside so I call him and he tells me that no one is leaving so 30 minutes later I call and he's driving drunk, I was pissed. Then to top it all off he comes to bed and throws up all over my floor, and is to drunk to clean it up so I have to clean it up and then I start throwing up, not to mention I'm 8 months pregnant and I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to work things out for our son but it's like he doesn't even care about how I feel. Now my room smells like throw up and I can't sleep 😪😩