I just can't trust him..:(

Hey guys, so I told my fiancé that it's okay to smoke weed every now and then but just as long as he isn't an addict. And that goes for anything I just don't want to date an addict. Since weed isn't addictive I didn't think it was a Problem and I didn't have any issues with him being high. Until one day he told me he wants to get clean and he doesn't know how to handle his emotions or feelings or himself without being high anymore. It's just he hid the fact that he had such a problem handling himself without it and I had no idea. This went on for about a year and just now he's telling me about his struggles being sober and I'm glad he's honest with me now but I just feel like I can't trust him now. Like I catch myself asking myself questions I wouldn't be asking normally. Like, is he with a girl? Is he high and not telling me? Is he cheating on me? What is he doing that I don't know about? Like I hate having these questions go through my head and this never bothered me before. Am I totally out of line here and do I just have trust issues or is this normal? And for the record I'm not against weed, I smoke too, what I'm against is him not being able to be sober no matter what the substance is, am I paranoid or do I just need to get rid of my trust issues?