Should I report them??

I live in an apartment I just moved in 9 days ago and the people here are so loud. They have their kids running around at late hours of the night. 12:00,1:00,2:00. Knowing people need their sleep I mean I know it's an apartment but I think they should respect the people around them. Today at 12:30 at night they were popping fire works right next to the apartment. 😱 Like really it's too late to have your kids outside screaming their lungs out and popping fireworks. What if the apartments caught on fire somepeople need   places to stay. Then grown ass men talking loud af right by MY door. I'm home myself so of course I'm scared af. I was sleeping peacefully till that happened so of course I was pissed. Do you think that's disrespectful??? Should I report them?? I believe where I stay at it's illegal to pop fire works in my area. 

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