weird relationship situation, help??

So about a month ago my boyfriend started acting really cold and like he wasn't into me, until december 5 he asked if he could have space and promptly ignored me since then. 
Naturally I was shocked cause while things had been alittle weird maybe the week before it was really coming out of no where. The real kicker is after his mom and I thought this event was so out of character so she checked his medicine (topamax, for migraines and seizures which side effects include: confusion, memory issues, lack of motivation and apathy) and he had been taking double his normal dose since MID NOVEMBER. And based on how the medicine absorbs it makes sense it would be catching up with him in early December. Obviously the immediate issue was figuring out what this all meant medically and if he was okay. Thankfully he is fine, physically, but his dose naturally has to be adjusted down gradually and then his mind will return gradually after that. Taking weeks even months more. 
This all leaves me in a weird position. He refuses to accept the medicine effectes him emotionally or that it has to do with why he is so confused with us even though the timeline lines up exactally with when the medicine started being wrong. 
I just love him so much and want to still be with him but he has left no place for me in his life right now and all I can do is wait it out. 
My friends and mom have been really helpful and nice to me through this all but I still just don't know how to get through this period of unknown length. Do I keep trying to reach out to him? Should I take all the pictures and arid off my walls? Should I try to move on? I really don't want to give up on him but when does it become to long, not that I'm gunna run some other guy but just more in my head think of my self as not with him. We are pretty young, juniors in high school, but we've been together for over two years and frankly I don't know how to high school without him. And while I know in the back of my head we probably won't be together forever it always felt like we could be, and we'd talked about it all the time. My boyfriend always adored me and you could really tell by looking at us, and people would always point it out. I miss him so much and it hurts even more to know he doesn't miss me at all or remember how he used to love me. According to his family he has started to act more himself in some ways but he's no where near close to normal. 
I can't get my mind off this situation and everything reminds me of him I try to not talk about it with my friend cause I know they're probably sick of hearing about it. 
I guess I'm just looking for advise with how to keep waiting? Or what I should do to move forward? Thank you for any advise you give and just for reading all the way through this!