can anyone help?

I am around 5/6 weeks pregnant and I have been having my hcg monitored , I got a call yesterday and they said my levels arnt rising well 102 to 193 in a week and they are worried it's ectopic, and wanted to give me an injection  to kill any cells, I refused until they are sure it is ectopic, I went this morning for a scan and they couldn't find any pregnancy anywhere in my tubes but not in the right place either , they checked my cervix which is still closed , I am coming to terms that I have lost my baby but is there still a chance I can misscarry naturally or does this still sound like an ectopic still , I don't want to have the injection , I'm going back to the epu on Tuesday for a repeat in bloods, I have also done a clear blue test which has gone from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 , please has anything be got any advice , I'm heartbroken and worried , thankyou