My sweet newborn **pics**

So here's my (condensed) 15 hour labor story:
My sweet baby girl, Adelina Rain, was due on Dec. 18th. My water broke at 7:30pm on Friday, Dec 16th, while I was watching Modern Family with my hubby. We arrived at the birthing center by 8:30 and I was admitted by 9pm. I went natural until 9cm, 4:30am on the morning of the 17th. The epidural let me get two solid hours of sleep (I do not regret it at all, that sleep was much needed) and then the nurse had me practice push at 7:30am. I pushed for 3 hours before the doctor cut me off epidural so that I could feel the urge to push.
 At 11am the doctor threatened to take me in for an emergency c-section if baby didn't progress any more in the next 30-45min (she wasn't coming down because her head was turned wrong). That threat put me into full blown momma bear mode! I had an amazing nurse who knew that I really wanted a natural delivery if I could help it. She had me push in every possible position to try to get my baby to turn. I feel that pushing on all fours helped the most and felt the most "right." At 11:30am my baby girl's head was out...but her right shoulder  was caught. At this point I blacked out and came back around when my nurse climbed on top of me to put force on my pelvis to make room for baby's shoulder to come out. 
Next thing I realized, my beautiful baby girl was born at 11:35am on Saturday, December 17th. She was whisked off to have her shoulder checked by the pediatrician. Again, since I had blacked out I was unaware that her shoulder had been caught, so it was alarming to me that they would take her away so quickly from me or that my husband was not the one to cut the umbilical cord. It took a few long moments for my sweet girl to cry, but when she did...oh man was that the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my entire life!! It brought me to tears & at this point I looked over in search of my husband only to find him hunched over crying at the sight of his baby girl. 
My midwife estimated she would be 7lbs but in she was a whopping 8lbs6oz and 20.5in! Labor was long and arduous but my Adelina was so worth it!! 
I took these today (exactly two weeks old) believe it or not, with my iPhone 7!!