A sign from God

Klark • 👼🏻mommy`s angel in heaven 9.10.17 | preg w/a 🌈
I think I got a sign this afternoon. I dropped by CVS to get a non digital opk. At the register, the cashier is super pregnant (natch) and she scans the opk - and it won't come up on the screen. She scans and scans and scans again, nothing. Finally she leaves the cash drawer open, hand keys the upc, it registers, I pay and leave. 
If that's not a sign m, Idk what is. I think God is telling me it's not gonna happen, so give it a rest. Maybe 2017 is the year I need to get a really fluffy dog. Blessings and Baby dust to you all, but I think I'm done. 😞