"Am I pregnant" Rant

Before I get into this, I just want to say that I know that this is an app for questions and for people to openly ask for advice. I'm always friendly and do what I can to ease people's minds or give them any advice I can. BUT, it drives me crazy to see a post that says something like "had protected sex, condom didn't break, on BC, no symptoms, could I still be pregnant?" If you take every precaution, it's highly unlikely to get pregnant. Still possible, I get it. But if AF isn't late, and there are no symptoms, why even ask??? And another thing that bothers me a lot is when people try to say that you have the same chance of getting pregnant every day of the month. No, you don't. You have about a 3% chance of getting pregnant most days, 7-11% during your fertile window and about 33% on your most fertile day. Honestly, I just wish people would do a little research. In my opinion, you should know your chances of getting pregnant before you become sexually active. Know the facts before you have sex. I get that this might be an unpopular opinion and I might seem like a bitch, but it just bothers me when all the "could I be pregnant" posts are people who are OBVIOUSLY not pregnant. Other opinions are more than welcome, maybe theres a side to this I don't understand