Does anyone know how to prevent leaking?! *UPDATED*

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I'm on the third day of my period, and already gone through 4 pairs of underwear (My periods last 7 days) because I keep leaking. I am a pad user and don't think I'm switching over to tampons soon. I have heavy flows which I HATE so incredibly much. I feel gross because I keep leaking and I just showered. It's like a crime scene up in here. I just need to know how to at least TRY to prevent leaking because I hate this and RIP to my underwear. šŸ˜£šŸ˜©šŸ˜«

Please help!!!

EDIT: Aunt flo has come to visit for another week, sadly and unexpectedly. She decided she wanted to come without warning so thanks. Anyway, thanks ladies for the feedback! I'll try the ones I feel most comfortable about! I also found out I was buying regular flow instead of heavy pads so I switched to heavy and with all your recommendation's hopefully this week goes by smoother! Thank you, loves!