complicated LOL

Okay idk, if it's baby fever or something :/!!! my aunt had a baby 3 months ago and I've become very closed to him! And I've stopped to think sometimes and it's super weird!! I think I want a baby lol , but I also want a good future, I want to study to be a general pediatrician and I know that will take a bunch of my time up, I've been with my bf for two years, healthy relationship! I've never been so happy , and I know I've changed his life for good and I know he loves me and wants to marry me.. he always brings up how he wants to marry me already and have a house and kids!! Yes that will all come to us if we set our goals !! I've been a 3.3+gpa student my 3 yrs of highschool. I'm 17 .. any advice ?? or any 16/17 mommies that want to give me any tips on how your life is ??