New moms what us your dr advising u about ur due date and inducing???

My sister in law is a very petit thing and she was due dec 25th. The baby is now measuring 8 ibs and they're advising a c section due to the size of the babya d how small she is. She saw her dr Monday the 26th after her due date and they did not sweep her membranes to hopefully start natural labor and they won't be doing an induction/c section till Tuesday the 3rd. This is crazy to me especially because if the baby's size is increasing the chance if c section and she's having back pain pretty bad. What is your Dr Is your advusing u? Are they having u wait past ur due date or advising to induce on ur due date or before? Or maybe they're trying to jump start natural labor by sweeping ur membranes? I'm just wondering what's the norm for inducing. 

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