He's not coming back home.

I found out that I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. I told my husband because I thought he would be excited. He said that he was excited and that it didn't show because we hadn't been to the doctor yet. I have had the worst morning sickness ever and I wasn't able to attend my MIL NYE party. My husband went ahead without me. I'm looking on my SIL Snapchat last night and saw my husband really close to his ex that I didn't even know was invited. I texted his ass as soon as I saw it and he didn't text until this morning. This man told me that he didn't think he was ready for a baby yet and that he would spend a couple of weeks with a friend. I want to rip this mans heart out right now. I'm so pissed and already emotional from being pregnant. I don't know what do y'all.