im so confused and I dont know how to deal with THIS !!

So, I have been arguing with my parents since I was 18 and nothing has changend !! Like now me and my bf are 20 years old and we have been together 2 and half years and they dont let us go to restaurant together and when we do and I tell them that im with him (I usually dont tell them) they call me on my phone when we are together they start to scream so he can hear and they tell me "come home nowwwww, you know we hateee him and his family so you have been together 1 hour and thats too much" and I get so embarrassed and I feel so stupid and ashamed of my self since they treat my like a 2 years old girl. (They hate him because he studies sound engineering and I am a computer sience student, and because they think that his mom and sisters are bitches because they are open minded people and do what they want and they dont give a fuck to anyone "though they are super cute and they respect and love me so much and I love them"). My parents dont let me go to any parties, not with my friends nor with my cousin or my bf, and they keep telling me that a girl who does that stuff and goes to clubs is totally a whore. Like they think that as a girl I should study and get married and wear properly so all the people would think that I am a good girl ( and i can do only what my parents thinks is okay to do) , and the guys can live their lives and do whatever they think is right to do, because a guy should be free. And I go out of the house because once I do that they will not talk to me again and they said that I will not be theur daughter anymore. I hate that !! Im so damn broken and angry, what should I do !!
Like if I go out and live alone im gonna lose my family, because it's either me doing what they want and living the life they want or that im not their daughter anymore!!