I hate ex's

This is our court schedule this year it was my turn having my kids on New Year's <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> dad was suppose to have them today New Year's Day i already had a feeling he was going to act stupid & not wanting to have the kids with him he said he was working n that his family weren't going to be in town so for me to stay with my kids I went to his house to drop off my kids his work truck was there so he lied kids got off he open the door n told the kids to leave that it wasn't his day it was moms day my kids were so upset they were both crying 😥 he came outside saying (verbally abusing me calling stupid always saying bad words) I'm calling the cops right if u don't leave when I wasn't even doing nothing to him I finally left n took my kids with me he doesn't deserve no joint custody I'm always the one helping them with homework which he doesn't even do I feel very sad for my kids he gets weekends off never wants to have them on a weekend. Sorry I just needed to vent 😕 it seems he always gets his way my kids are my everything it's very hard to be going through this when u never give the other parent a hard time or bother them I consider myself a good baby mama I never give him no drama I'm 34wks pregnant thank god 🙏🏼I found a good man that has my support