Sephora crime scene

So my mom and I went to our local mall and you know we shopping or whatever, we stop at sephora. My mom decides to get one of the workers to try a foundation on her and I'm just walking around checking the products out. I notice this group of guys about in their 20's and they're just giggling and looking at me. One was real cute so I'm just like mmmm😏 heyyyy and well I walk back where my mom was  sitting down getting her foundation and In front of her was a big mirror, I look at my reflection TO SEE I HAVE A BIG BLOOD FUCKING STAIN IN THE FRONT OF MY SUPER LIGHT BLUE JEANS!!!!!!! Bitchhhh I wanted to die!!!!! Lord Jesus take me now I ended up putting a sweater around my waist that I had just bought 😭😭😭