would you be mad?

A little backstory. My husband and I were both actively ttc when we conceived both our kids. He had been wanting kids for so long so when they finally arrived I expected him to be really hands on and that's not what happened. He didn't get up at night which was acceptable he works 9-5pm 5 days a week. 
Anyway, our daughter is 2 months getting used to her routine. She was up every hour last night so when my toddler woke up at 6am I begged my husband to get up with him and give him breakfast (it's his day off). He said no he was tired so I did it. My husband proceeded to sleep until noon and when he came out I told him to watch the kids that the baby wasn't due a feed for two hours. He told me no that he was going to work on his dirt bike and he never agreed to "take care of the kids" today. I was fuming and explained that they are HIS kids and he needs to watch them. He told me no that I can sleep all I want but that he's leaving so the ball is in my court. Then he left to the garage. I'm so mad. Our marriage is great 99% of the time but him sleeping all day day in the weekend he's off and not spending ANY time with the kids is our biggest fight topic. He never comes to the park, or swimming or music class, nothing. I've talked to him at length about it and he always says he'll change but he never does. What would you do?