Taking a trip alone, while married..


Okay so my husband and I made 2017 bucket lists this year. Im so excited to start knocking stuff off of the list!!!

One of my things was to take a short trip all by myself. He didnt like the idea very much. He says it makes him uncomfortable and worried. He doesn't want to join me, but he at least wants me to meet someone there or go with a friend. Well...I dont wanna! I want to be 100% alone! Just for like 3-4 days. In the mountains or on a beach somewhere.

Im willing to compromise like stay in the states and shorten the length of the trip. And of course I will tell him where I am staying, airline info, all of that. I dont want it to be a secret, I just want to take a trip alone while I can!!! Do you think its inappropriate or insensitive that I want to do something like this?