feeling discouraged

So I'm in my TWW I think I was suppose to O on the 31st and the hubby and I were only able to BD on the 29th was hoping to again on the 31st but it didn't work out. So Im hoping to be pregnant but we only had sex that one time and though I think I O on the 31st I can't help but worry that I may have O a day later because I still had EWCM on the 1st. I'm feeling by down about it due to our special circumstances I'm learning my husband and We can only have sex once during my fertile window we try more but it just doesn't work out for us. To make matters worse I heard my two younger cousins are pregnant again Im happy for them both but before I realized it I was crying about it I just want one of my own so bad and feel like it's never going to happen we've been TTC for 2 years we've seen DRs and apparently everything is fine. OK so why arent we pregnant. ugh I'm just so bummed about this ğŸ˜ž