I can't believe they told me this!

I called one of the on call doctors this afternoon because my blood pressure spiked again (141/101), which I knew because I stop by the grocery store once a day, sometimes twice, to check it since I'm currently being watched for being borderline preeclampsia (for multiple different reasons). I feel more prepared that way. Well, since it got that high again I called in to see if they want me to do something about it or wait until my appointment on Thursday because last week they said to do so if something like that happened again. I tell him what it was and he says that it's not accurate. Well, sir, it's coincided with what's been taken at the doctors office for the past week so I'd have to say it's accurate! So I ask if it's something I should be concerned about, to which he replies "well, you're the one who's calling, soo...". Um, okay, I'm calling to ask if I need to do something. He then tells me to go get checked out if I'm worried. I asked if that was something I had to do, since maybe it can wait until Thursday since he was acting like it wasn't a big deal. Ā "Well you seem worried so I'd go in". Right okay, that's a good answer. "Oookay, uh, thanks?" *line disconnects*. Awesome. Thanks bro!Ā 
Okay rant over. That just made me so mad!