When your dad buys you chocolate for your period


So I'm a bit of a daddy's girl, I most of the time get what I want when I ask for it, but other times we rarely see eye to eye on things and often butt heads. Every Saturday he goes out early in the morning and gets us entemann's or bagels (spelling?) Whether it's cakes, donuts, danishes, cinnamon buns, brownies. He's also not a very affectionate person with his words, he only shows affection on holidays and birthdays when he's protecting my sister and I

But having two daughters means having to deal with teenage girls and their weird habits and periods

For years I tried to hide my period from him, hes my dad and it was embarrassing to me, over the years it just became "yea I got my period today"

When I get my period I'm sick as a dog the first day so I laid in bed all day dad comes this afternoon to jokingly give me a hard time about being in bed but when I told him it's cause of my period he said that sucked and asked if I wanted my fan on

Hours later he comes into my room with a bag from our grocery store filled with candy and Aleve

Love himmm