Flying with baby under 1

Caitlin • Mama x3 💕 Expecting our 🌈 07/2022
In March, my husband, son, and I will be traveling to Europe to visit family. Our original plan was to buy a seat for my son so we could bring his car seat on board & have extra space bc he is a very wiggly guy and can't sleep on either of us.  However, aftermuch confusion with the airline, he ended up as a lap infant. We do have a guaranteed bassinet on one leg of the flight and have requested one on the second flight, but there is a chance my son will be too big for the bassinets when we fly as he will be 11 months old. I just can't help but be super anxious about flying with my son on such a long flight. Any moms have experience with this and suggestions for making the flights as smooth as possible? Toys, videos, etc that kids that age really enjoy? TIA