Why Me?? Does this ever happen to you?

A lot of people I run into question me about my height. Last doctors appointment, I was told I was 5'5. My dad begs to differ, he swears my doctor doesn't know anything! I even told him when we were doing measurements in forensics my height still came up to 5'5. He thinks I'm delusional and is a lot taller than I claim to be. The sad part is it's not just my dad, I've had other people mistaken my height for 5'7 or 5'8. And i just shake my head when they ask because it's like if you're going to correct me on something when you asked for my answer 😒😐.... Idek. 😂😂 anyone else go through the same thing when ppl swear you're lying about your own height or the doctors/nurse are lying. It's like they want me to say I'm such and such height. Why tf does it even matter 😁😅