finally nursing!

So a little back story. I have a beautiful set of boy girl twins.  Breastfeeding didn't come easy for them. It took two months before my daughter would start to latch and nursed really good. Up until then I had been pumping all the time for them. I was so excited to finally just have to pump one side for my son. But I would try and get him to latch and nurse and he would get so frustrated that he wasn't instantly getting milk that he would just scream and scream. Well today after almost four months of pumping for him it finally clicked and he nursed like a champ today!! I am so excited and proud of him I could shout it for the roof top. I texted my mom and told her and she made me feel like I was starving him and told me I better keep a close eye on his weight and make sure I'm not starving him. My daughter that has been nursing for two months now is two pounds heavily then him. I feel like he will pack on the pounds now since he isn't just offered what I could pump that time. He was happy all day and had plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I think he is fine. So excited to be nursing my twins. Regardless of what others might say.