There are good people in this world!

Hooooooly crap. Took 40 mins to drive from my boyfriend's house, which is normally a 15 minute drive; none of the roads were plowed. Not side streets, freeways, anything. I make it safely home, and back into the street to get a run at my driveway so that at least I am out of the way for the plows, and...  VROOM. I'm stuck. In the middle of the street at 12:30am. Ok, I can do this. I lived in Toronto Canada for a year and a half, I am pro at snow.
As it turns out, in Canada they're better at putting salt and dirt down on the roads. 
45 minutes later with literal icicles dangling from my hair, I have tried rocking the car, digging with my snow shovel around the tires, shoving my car rugs under my tires, pouring a hot water and salt mix around the tires, just straight table salt, and I am just more stuck. At 1:15am, I hear what I was trying to move for; the plow. He sat there for a good minute and a half watching me try to rock my car, and then (whether out of annoyance or being a fantastic human being I don't know) he gets out of the plow, takes the shovel, and shovels the dirt/salt mix from the plow around my tires. 
All this to say, THANK YOU random plow passerby, I am ridiculously grateful for you and your timing! 😝