I hate boyfriend stealer ass hoes 😒

My boyfriend Josh Rawlins cheated on me with this slut named Jasmine that goes by Jaz or Jazz or Jas or Jass I can't believe it I wanna beat her ugly ass so bad 😤😡👿 cuz I don't play with who messes with my sexy 🍫 Idgaf if she- they are white or black or even fucking purple or blue or green cuz it's not cool stealing a guy who is taken by a girl for 9 months 😒😒 theses hoes needa back off of guys who are in a relationship and I know that you lady's agree with me about the stealing other girls boyfriend part cuz we all been though that 😶 Oh yeah him an whoever the bitch is that he been fucking behind my back can fucking go to hell I want my fucking bag back and my silver sandles I left at his house in September but idk if his cheating ass changed his locks or not and yes I have a key to his house and been having it since August but that's all I hate her and his guts 😤