Should I have a wedding or just say F it?

We had originally planned to have a courthouse wedding and that's it. My mom wanted us to have a traditional wedding or at least a reception. I told her right now we can't even afford the $45 to get married at the courthouse. There is no way we could afford a wedding or reception. She offered to help pay for it and said right after Christmas we would start planning it. She even picked the date. She wants us to get married on Feb 14th. Well for 1 I don't like the idea of a Valentine's Day wedding it seems too cliche. For 2 that is not a lot of time at all to plan anything. For 3 she has not even mentioned anything about the wedding and it's been a week and some odd days since Christmas. I'm thinking about just not mentioning it myself and just have the courthouse wedding like I originally planned. What do you all think?