Stolen baby name .. am I overreacting??

OK ladies. I had a miscarriage March 2016 at 6 weeks. I had planned on naming the baby RIVER whether it was a boy or a girl..... Well, here's the problem... A few months later my husband's cousin got pregnant guess what they named their baby...( and let me add they KNEW that's the name id chosen) .. River... Now I'm at a loss. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and would still love to name my baby River, but the problem is we live in a very small town, we're related to the majority of the town one way or another and our babies will be cousins..... My husband said to name it River anyway, but I don't wanna seem like I'm copying them..... It has me so mad. Please tell me am I overreacting? Should I still use River? I'm just so mad over the situation