Feeling like a failure already

So my son is two weeks old and I feel like I'm failing him as a mother already.....I'm just so exhausted and having a hard time adjusting and I'm doing everything by myself because my boyfriend is never around. He works alot which I understand but he wants me to go back to school or work at some point and I'm wondering how I'll manage that when I don't really get any sleep. I'm the one who takes care him during the day and at night....he's with me 24/7. At the most my boyfriend will have him for abt a hr or he'll change a diaper here n there or feed him a bottle but then he's back with mommy. My body is still recovering from my c section and I'm just really still emotional from everything. I love my baby and wouldn't trade him for the world but I feel like I'm doing a horrible job as a mother. I just don't know what to do or how to feel some please help me....advise words of encouragement anything