BFP confirmed!!!

I posted in here a few days ago with first a pic of a test that I honestly just the was a evap line. Then 1/07/16 went in the ER with cramping and they said I was positive for a pregnancy but most likely a chemical pregnancy because my hcg was at a 3. Today 1/10/17 I went in basically assuming my level would be at a 0 and my Dr explained after looking at the ER notes that he thought it was silly that they said i was going to mc. From the sound of my symptoms everything was fine. But I thought he was trying to be nice. Long story short, I got my blood test back from today and they went from 3 to 44! Sounds low but im still extremely early, about 3 weeks. My Dr figured out due to havig PCOS I ovulated late and caught my pregnancy early!!❤ I just wanted to let ppl know with PCOS not to give up, and don't always stress about the numbers!