Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

Ok this may be a little lengthy, I apologise in advance 😳
So this month I'm not sure if I have ovulated- although I had physical symptoms to indicate I have, and have never missed a month since starting to track my cycles 😒
I was feeling a little stressed about it so after some insomnia fueled research online and speaking with the information line at Clearblue I wanted to share some things I wasn't fully aware of using this product that other people might have missed also!
-On your first use of the holder, it will always show O (low/negative) as it's getting to know your levels. So this means if you swap to a new holder while testing on high fertility days, it can be inaccurate.
-Once the holder has shown high fertility, it will continue to show that result until it detects a LH surge. So this means if you happen to miss the surge (or it doesn't occur for whatever reason) you will continue to have a flashing smiley faces (high fertility) even though your reading should actually be a solid smiley (peak fertility or O (low/negative)
-You can miss detecting the LH surge by holding the test in your urine stream too long, 3 seconds is all it needs (I'm guilty of overdoing it I think 😒) and they suggest that dipping the test stick in collected urine for 15 seconds instead can be more accurate.
-Having a secondary test method is not a bad idea. These tests are expensive (only 10 in a pack) so generally people use them first thing in the morning as recommended but this can lead to possibly missing your LH surge. Using a cheaper brand in the evenings can offer some additional peace of mind.
I just wanted to share these couple of things with anyone else using this test, you may already have all that info but on the off chance you were feeling a little disheartened like I have this week, I hope this helps ease your mind 😘